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Kenora Frontline

Kenora Frontline (Formally known as Frontline Elite (F.L.E.) calls Kenora Ontario home; where many of our members have been playing paintball for a better part of 15 years. Within our team we have two Amateur squads, as well as a large Scenario/Rec/Woodsball team.

We have three parcels of land used exclusively by Frontline Elite. A 40 Acre parcel, a 25 Acre Parcel, and a 4 Acre Parcel in various locations around Kenora; these are our personal playgrounds on private property. 

Our goal is to grow the sport we love, and develope our own skills.

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Frontline Elite is now Sponsored by Virtue Paintball, Bunkerkings Paintball, and Nufuzion Design.


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Kenora Frontline Paintball Team

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