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Kenora is a small town, well.... City of 16,000 year round residents; and a population growth up to 150,000 with tourism and cottagers from across the globe during the summer months; once had two paintball parks three pro-shops and a huge player base. That was back in early 2000.

Fast forward to today, those no longer exists here. (Not because people stopped playing; but owners of those fields moved away)

Paintball is an ever growing sport, no matter the type of game you play, and would be a perfect fit for Kenora. 

Kenora Frontline would love to have the ability not just for ourselves but for our City; to open a park tomorrow - however financially thats a tall order.

We've played with the idea of running one as a non-profit but most research tells us thats difficult to do even if all "Profit" is poured back into the field and a portion donated to other local causes.

With that, as a "Temporary" alternative, our team has invested in multiple Scuba Tanks, shade tents, chairs, folding tables etc and are in the process of purchasing Inflatable bunkers. (With property we can borrow; we have the ability to play in Kenora rather than always travelling to Manitoba to play) Many of us have multiple sets of equipment that we use and lend out to those wanting to try out Paintball to build more interest locally in the sport.

With no advertising, just word of mouth - we have over 70 individuals interested in playing. That number seems small but these 70 come from 3 individuals mentioning it here and there and not actively reaching out.

We feel that if a park were to open in Kenora, housing high-end fields, driving range, mini put, small restaurant, pro-shop and some additional features, it could be: very successful.

With that; we are looking at donations and/or some form of support from those interested in the sport.

We will be looking into government grants such as the Tourism grant etc - but will need as much help as we can get.


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