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Frontline Elite dosn't have its own YouTube channel as of yet - due to the fact that there is so many great video creators out there already, and we just haven't found our "Online Personality" yet. Having said that - the videos shown on this page are produced by companies or individuals that our entire team subscribe to, and we encourage you to do the same. If you're looking to see the greatest product based videos, we suggest ANS Gears's video's hands down as they have videos for 99% of all the product they carry - and they carry 1000's of products and Rory is just fun to watch. - Oh and he seems to know his stuff, so thats a bonus too.

(We are not affiliated with nor are we sponsored by ANS Gear - we simply have had amazing experiences with the quality of the products, the excellent customer service, untouchable pricing (Even with the conversion to CAD dollars) and probably the largest available product lines we've ever seen.)

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