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Becoming part of our team is as simple as filling out an application form. Your skill level or how long you've been playing makes zero difference. We have players who are just starting out, and others who have played professional level paintball for the last 15 years.

Our goal is to promote the sport we love; offer advice and training on and off the field to those who have interest in the sport; and further develop our own skills.

Our team accepts people of all ages to join in what is an amazingly fun sport, even if you do not have your own equipment and can't afford your own equipment right now, many of our team members have multiple markers that they're willing to lend you when we're at the various parks, or target practicing at our very own ranges.

Kenora Frontline Paintball Team Rules

Yes, we have rules. More like Code of Conduct, or standard ethical rules.

They're very simple, so don't Panic!

  1. We're a TEAM, so play as a team. This is the most important rule. Work together, communicate, and offer assistance to those who may need a hand.
  2. Have fun, but conduct yourself how you want others to conduct themselves.
  3. Volunteer on occasion to be a ref. We need those and we all take turns.
  4. There are no membership fee's at this time, however there are a few of us who have purchased the majority of portable compressors, scuba tanks, regulators, folding tables, shade tents etc - so any donation is greatly appreciated but not required.
  5. Be cool, enjoy the game, share some laughs and develop your skills; lets promote the sport we love.
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Kenora Frontline bares no responsibility for your safety or well being while participating in any game, weather at an official park - or on one of our exclusive fields. We make every attempt as a team to ensure those around us are following standard safety practices, and attempt to manage any bad behavior to the best of our ability - however we are not liable for any one individuals actions.

If your child has joined the team and is under 16 years of age - we ask that the parents attend any practices, games etc as no one on the team will be held responsible if your child gets hurt while playing. We do look out for each other, and we will make every attempt to keep everyone on the fields safe and sound, but accidents do happen.


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